How the Cloud Can Help: Illustrators

By Lynn Gesue

After you’ve been working the Bézier curves until the wee hours the last thing you want to do is insecurely send your file to the wrong client. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to digital drawing, and for me, Soonr has perfected the art of secure and simple file sharing.

As a digital illustrator for 20 years, I’ve sent huge AI (Adobe Illustrator) files by every antiquated method conceivable, from express shipping a Zip disk to regular old email. Last year I had a client ask me to use Dropbox. I’d never heard of it but found it easy enough to use. But after a little digging I became concerned about Dropbox’s security, the encryption being used, and who exactly has or could have access to the files I store on their servers. As most of you know, Dropbox updated their terms of service to reflect the fact that they have access to your files if needed.

Now let’s say you want to share files with 3 different clients. With Dropbox you have to create folders and get the links to those folders, then send to clients by email. Not only is the process cumbersome, but there are plenty of chances for mix-ups.

Soonr, on the other hand, was created with sharing in mind—it’s not just an afterthought. Top-down sharing controls make sure that your clients see only the files they’re supposed to see, and they receive email or SMS notification when new files are added or changed.

Soonr truly empowers my freelance illustration business. Simple and controlled file sharing plus sophisticated encryption for all my top-secret illustrations of pretty ponies. Cool beans!

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