Privacy Please

 By Lynn Gesue

Web privacy service company TRUSTe recently released a Privacy Index based on an analysis of the privacy policies of the top 100 U.S. websites as ranked by Alexa in September 2011. Here are some interesting percentages based on that study:

• 97% of websites today have a privacy policy compared to 14% in 1998.

• The average length of privacy policies is 2,464 words—approximately 2,000 words less than the U.S. Constitution.

• A standard privacy policy takes about 10 minutes to read.

• 31% share user data with 3rd parties for commercial purposes.

• 36% collect user location data.

• 72% allow 3rd parties to track users on their site.

• 68% don’t explain how to delete user accounts.

• 93% don’t disclose how long they store user data.

• 2% of mobile websites have a mobile-optimized privacy policy.

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